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Shenanigans (def)

Church of Wifi Definition of Shenanigans

The Church of Wifi defines shenanigans differently.


The Church of Wifi has very few rules, although we are a bonafide religion we are also compatible with other religions. We can best be defined as absurdists in that we can never really know if life has meaning while we are alive. As a result of being absurdists we are compatible with theistic, atheistic, absurdist and even nhilistic belief systems.


Do No Harm

DO the Math

Look we are smart here, when doing anything make sure you do your homework. A well planned shenanigan is an excellent shenanigan.

Clean Up

Look we are all adults here, cleanup after your shenanigans, don’t be a jerk and leave a mess for others.

Designated Adult

You should have a sober person to be the designated adult, this person has the ability to terminate the shenanigan at any point without argument, they can also designate contingency plans to be executed if things go sideways.


We are all responsible adults, if we aren’t we shouldn’t be doing shenanigans.

Property Damage

Now we will take a side tangent, property damage. Your shenanigans could cause property damage, this is not ideal and you MUST make ammends. We have seen cases where people have thrown jars through car windows or damaged venues. This is not an acceptable shenanigan.

Emergency Fund

As a responsible adult you must maintain an emergency fund to pay for things you break. This is a part of responsible planning.

Do Good

Shenanigans should be fun for all, they are a tool for laughter and entertainment, when they stop being fun it is no longer a shenanigan, they are just you being a jerk.


This is an additional commandment to the original 9 but its important enough to repeat.

Know your venue

What was acceptable at DEFCON may not work at THOTCON or Derbycon (and vice versa), know your event/conference, and tailor your shenanigan accordingly.

Petty Tresspass

So when performing shenanigans you may need to perform petty tresspass. Ensure you know your venue and cooordinate with security staff. Some areas the venue or security staff will look the other way or provide an escort. Some areas will get you ejected or banned outright.

Parachute Operations

Yes the church of wifi has a parachute division, we parachute plastic army men and stuffed animals. I don’t know why its a thing but it is.

Security Staff

Security staff love a well planned shenanigan and will even assist you, however you shenanigan must be funny or otherwise cool enough. They may help you in the following ways:

Security staff love shenanigans, make sure its awesome and ask nicely, they may just help you out.

How to conduct shenanigans safely

Talk on how to conduct shenanigand safely