Welcome to Mog.Ninja the terrible website of EvilMog. Right now this site hosts the EvilMog Mud. It may have other rantings in the future but right now its for a mud.


What is a MUD. A MUD is a Multi User Dungeon. An old school game style that uses telnet to connect to a remote server with multiple other players to engage in what was a precursor to the Graphical MMO's.

MUD's were popular in the 80's and 90's when everybody was on dialup. It was not uncommon to see up to 100 people online at a time on larger MUD's. That is no longer the case.

This project is my love letter to days past. I started last year when I broke my ankle paragliding. My ankle has since healed but now we are all isolated due to COVID-19. I am personally not sick but I felt this was as good a time as any to give some entertainment.


You can connect with telnet, or even netcat but you will see wierd Telnet suboption negotiations. You can also connect with a MUD Client. MUSHClient, Mudlet, TinTin++, or even Portal will all work. In fact we will be implementing the MIP standard here shortly, and I am working on telnet suboption negotiation in DGD.

Connect to mog.ninja on port 4000.

We now have a secure mode, you can use mudlet secure mode or telnet-ssl like telnet-ssl -z ssl mog.ninja 5000. Secure mode is on port 5000 and terminated by nginx using stream.

Also I am hosting secure mode on port 23, normally 23 is unsecure but I'm tunneling full telnet over tls on port 23. Its lulzy, get over it.


This site will serve as the documentation for the CTF Beta I have opened at https://ctf.mog.ninja. A real CTF with prizes will be open for next DEFCON or maybe some other con I have yet to decide.


This game is on telnet, do not use a real password that you share somewhere else. The hashing is only SHA1 Salted with the users Username and there was atleast one path exploit bug that was fixed due to David Byrne at X-Force Red.

That being said please don't use password as a password, randomly generate an 8 character lower and uppercase maybe with digits password. Special characters will break your player file as I have yet to fix that bug. I will not do password resets as I no longer collect email addresses.

You can connect on TLS to mog.ninja port 5000 using mudlet. Also port 23.


Writing bots and triggers is encouraged. There are multiple intentional imbalances in the game mechanics. There are pitfalls that reset you to level 1, but there are also some pretty blatant cheats that allow you to rapidly gain levels. The only real restriction is which quests you have completed.

Please don't fuzz the game, I'll host a separate competition after for that.

Game Hints

  • This game is difficult, when you die you are reset to level 1,

  • Mining will gain you experience, there is an exploit in mining, but also some traps.

  • If you feel the area is too hard I have added a consider command so you can determine level differences between you and an npc.

  • Watch old episodes of Iron Sysadmin, I might drop hints, I think episode 65 but I could be wrong. I was a special guest.

  • I tweet hints on twitter.

  • Advancement room moved to x=-80, y=-40, z=0, use compass once you go down from start.

  • A functional stock and mineral market can be found by going ne 3x time from x=0, y=0, z=0, prices don't change.....yet

  • Woodland Critter Christmas has ben placed north of newbieville

  • compass only works in sci-fi, maps works in woodland, sewer and dungeon have no in game mapping

  • type cmds for a list of commands and help for a list of help topics

Intellectual Property Disclaimer

The Sci-Fi domain is a derivative work based on CoreMUD 2659 at http://coremud.org/. The areas were generated using a Python LPC Generator with reference to the original game. The Sci-Fi domain is missing a number of critical features and may be removed or replaced entirely in the future. All rights to the IP in that Domain reserved by Dave Shay.

The Sci-Fi Domain is used with the express permission of Dave Shay, thanks Dave!

Bugs Fixed

Bugs Fixed:

  • The object limitation has been removed, the game can now hold up to 1 million objects which fixes the bugs from Derbycon causing the game to break.
  • Player Killing has been disabled, if enough people ask me on Twitter to re-enable it I will. If I do I may remove the permadeath. Or I may make Player Killing safe arenas that people an fight in.
  • Path traversal bug has been fixed
  • MXP support is in


Cheat Codes

Because the game is so hard (permadeath) etc I have decided to add cheat codes. If you use a cheat code this character will not be able to get flags issued from the game. This means you can't play the ctf with this character. What you can do however is explore in a safe environment and get ready to compete.

The cheat console can be found in Sci-Fi up from X=0, Y=0, Z=0 on compass.

You will need to send a GMCP command to trigger the cheat mode


Basic commands in the game to get you started:

  • say - allows you to talk to npc's
  • look - looks at your environment
  • get - picks up an item get potion or get all from corpse
  • kill - attacks a monster kill rat
  • score - shows you your stats
  • compass - only used in Sci-Fi, shows you where you are
  • map - used in woodland critter christmas, shows you where you are
  • drink - used when drinking potions drink potion
  • cmds - shows commands available to you, also most commands have a usable help flag such as help -h
  • help - gives help for a command such as help score
  • gossip - chats on global chat line gossip hi
  • mxp - turns mxp on and off


This game is coded in a language called LPC running on a Driver called DGD https://github.com/dworkin/dgd with Gurbalib https://github.com/sirdude/gurbalib as the Mudlib running on top.

The lpmud base domain has been removed. Gurbalib has been heavily modified and any fixes go upstream.

Mining Challenge

In Sci-Fi there is an abandoned north mine at x=0, y=630, z=0 which can be found by going d,n,n,e,e,ne,nw,n,n,n,w,w,w,w,nw,nw,n,n,n,n,n,n,n from the start of the game.

Once you have found the crypto currency terminals type crypto and a challenge will be displayed:

Solve: 37 * 607 / 127 - 916 * 213 / [blank] = -135
Represented in LPC as:
  total = (varA * varB / varC - varD * varE / varF);

In this case the answer is 626 so to answer the challenge type crypto 626 and you will be awarded with XP and Credits. If you do this enough times you may also solve a flag. This Mine does not have any traps, however if you guess wrong your answer will be reset to random(0) which means you will have to type crypto to get a new challenge. Right now the operators are static, but when defcon comes around the operators will be random.

You will probably want to write a bot to solve this and interface with your terminal.